Lexus RC-F

Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition A/R Experience

Project Description

Part of the "Always On" campaign. We created a four-page spread for the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition that climaxes with an interactive experience using Augmented Reality. I did not hesitate to fight my way onto this project as I am an avid car enthusiast, and this was an incredible automobile. Our team had several inspired ideas, including one where we would generate art by leveraging data collected by the vehicle itself that would be used by Team One and Lexus for a future model.

Thanks to the support of Craig Crawford(Group Creative Director), Chad Bauer(Executive Producer), and especially Rob Edwards(Technologist), I was able to develop a prototype using the Aurasma Augmented Reality and Image Recognition platform to pursue an interactive element. Thanks to the prototype, the Lexus was client sold on that part of the concept. Unfortunately, we did not have the budget to create the more desired execution for the print itself. Instead, we used the car to generate style and emotion. Combining both traditional and digital elements, it turned out to be a very successful campaign. It introduced the Lexus client to the idea of A/R, which they would later use to produce an award-winning app that yo5u can see below.

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Always On

The 2015 Lexus RC-F

Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition




Digital, Creative Concepting, Augmented Reality, Rapid Prototyping

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Lexus RC-F Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition A/R Experience

Original Prototype

Michael Ladt - A/R Prototype