Bringing Digital Characters to the Physical World

Project Description

Our team was very excited to be awarded the 2K Games next-generation title, Evolve, from the developer of Left 4 Dead, Turtle Rock Studios. We were tasked with designing the Game Informer cover, the reveal trailer, all trailers moving forward, downloadable content, and the 2nd Screen Experience. Most importantly, my 3D printing concept from the previous project was quickly revived. For the first time (second attempt), I would bring video game assets into the physical world. Fans could download and 3D print the four main characters and the monster for themselves or purchase the figures through 3D printing companies such as Shapeways and Thingiverse.

Thanks to an incredible team, especially Alastair Green(Executive Creative Director), Kevin Shuster(Executive Producer), and Davide Vismara(Art Director), our efforts earned 2K Games and Team One several awards. These included the E3 Gold Award for Best Product Announcement and the 2014 Video Game Marketing Award for Standout Ad Campaign. Through the 3D printing concept, I believe we made video game history.

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2K Games




Game Informer


2014 Video Game Marketing Awards

Standout Ad Campaign


Digital, Creative Concepting, Rapid Prototyping, Development, 3D Printing