Lexus Check In for Charity

December Sales Event

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Check In for Charity was first launched in December of 2012 as the December to Remember sales event for Lexus. This campaign was my first opportunity to shadow Rob Edwards as Tech Lead. It started as the pet project of Patrick O'Rourke(Copywriter) who had an innovative idea but needed the help of Creative Technologists and Experience Designers to bring the project to life. We created this experience as a mobile-friendly website that was "iframed" into a Facebook application. Once the user authorized the application, for every check-in via social media, Lexus would then Donate $5 to the Boys and Girls Clubs of America.

The most fascinating part of this project was how our team leveraged technology to turn a simple concept into a hybrid real-time data visualization and interactive infographic that showed participation on a nationwide scale. I also have to give credit to one of the most talented Designers/Art Directors I have had the pleasure of working with, I have had the pleasure of working with, Quoc Lu. This project was a great success and would live on through subsequent years for the Lexus December sales event. I also procured the experience needed to act as a Tech Lead on future projects.

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December Sales Event


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