24 Hours of Lemons

1990 Lexus LS - "This Old Blue"

Project Description

The 24 Hour Lemons race was equal parts awesome and hilarious; vehicles purchased for no more than $500 and racing for 24 hours straight. This was the project of the crazy yet awesome Creative Director and Lemons Driver, John Dohrmann. Once Kenneth Bones(Art Director) completed the design, I was responsible for developing a responsive website for the car named "This Old Blue." The website served as a place where people could check out the car, the drivers, and footage. We also created a mobile-friendly experience where people could donate to charity. It also showed the Lexus Dealer Association that we could easily design and code a responsive microsite in just two days. Feel free to view the website here.

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Project Details


Lexus Dealer Association


24 Hours of Lemons


Digital, Social, Responsive Design, Rapid Prototyping