Lexus LS

Esquire/Netpage Digital Extension

Project Description

Hearst publishing acquired Netpage for its entire issue of Esquire and all issues moving forward. Netpage is image-recognition technology used to overlay high-resolution images of the magazine pages that users can interact with, clip, and share via social media. Lexus was offered an enhanced experience over the other advertisers. As a result of my deep understanding of augmented reality and image recognition technology, Team One Media immediately put me in charge of the project, working with a wonderful creative team, Jason Stinsmuehlen(Creative Director), Julia Luplow(Art Director), and Greg Halbreich(Copywriter).

My primary responsibilities were to push the limits of their technology and develop the best possible concept for the creative team. I had seen other advertisers attempt to overlay video on print. The result was that their videos broke the page's borders and were not integrated into the advertisement, which created a poor user experience. I planned to overlay a borderless video and have the first few seconds of the video align with the print ad. The fundamental difference; we would slowly bring the ad to life by animating the dance floor, the traffic in the background, and show the vehicle's ignition sequence. The lens flare from the headlights would transition into the tv spot, therein creating a seamless experience.

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2013 Lexus LS





Digital, Social, Responsive Design, Rapid Prototyping, Presentation Design