Designing and Prototyping our Newest Feature

Project Description

After the successful launch and marketing of our newly designed software, the development team had fallen behind on several significant products. The biggest of which was the "Workflows" tool for marketing automation. We had some minor automation in place, but we wanted to provide our clients with a way to create customized nurturing sequences based on our three contact methods: call, email, and text message. At the time, I was marketing webinars to showcase DYL's new look while revamping our content and graphics to reflect the changes. Still being the only Front-End Developer on the team, the first iteration of workflows landed on my desk. I went ahead and coded the pages, but I found myself very confused about the user experience and unsure of how to connect the dots.

I ended up grabbing lunch with the CEO. He had previously guided our UX designer through his vision for the project. For the next hour, I asked him how things were supposed to work and function, from interaction to micro-interaction. There was a single quote that would not escape my mind - UX is like a joke. If you have to explain it, it's not any good. When I returned to my desk, I created new files and began building a more intuitive experience for the workflow setup page in the form of a functional prototype. The next morning I met with the team and presented a single page prototype with all of the JavaScript interactions and animations built-in. I provided them each with a link to try for themselves, and the rest is history. Huge thanks to Preston Hill(Chief Technology Officer) for his support and helping me maintain a bridge between marketing and product development.

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Director of Marketing


Marketing, Product Design, UX/CX, Development, Testing, Prototyping

Prototyping Workflows

Workflows - Original Comps

Workflows Original Comp 1
Workflows Original Comp 2
Workflows Original Comp 3

Workflows - New Prototype

Workflows New Prototype by Michael Ladt

Workflows - New Email Template Tool

Workflows Email Template Builder by Michael Ladt

Workflows Dashboard - Original Comp

Workflows Dashboard - Original Comp

Workflows Dashboard - New Prototype

Workflows Dashboard = New Prototype by Michael Ladt