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Project Description

DYL sales reps were running impromptu webinars to generate leads. These webinars were good, Kris Sharma(Sales) was an excellent host and honestly had the voice of an angel, but I wanted to maximize their success by incorporating a long-term strategy with an emphasis on connecting registrants to our sales funnel and nurturing them based on audience segment. I started by integrating the GoToWebinar platform on our site to centralize branding and increase traffic. We brought top clients into the fold as event co-hosts. Webinars with DYL suddenly became an industry bragging point. With the audience more extensive and user experience streamlined, we optimized landing pages (think user bios, photos, and testimonials) to convert clicks into registrations while collecting data for later use in email content, advertising, and remarketing.

All of the fundamentals were in place, so I began laying out benchmarks for registration, attendance, event sharing, and, most importantly, sales. Registrations increased by 270% within the first five webinars. After the events, we leveraged the edited recordings as evergreen content in the form of case studies and ebooks. Advertising the case studies on Facebook alone generated an average of 80 leads per month and increased monthly recurring revenue by $50k. The combination of our improved webinar strategy and a relentless sales team earned us a spot on the INC5000 for the 2nd year in a row. To this day, clients are eager to share webinars amongst their networks while countless agents line up to partner with DYL.

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